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Product Mart To Shut Down Product Mart Express By 2035

JANUARY 6, 2023

Product Mart CEO Ronald Chlabowy announced during an Investor Relations meeting that the company was seeking to terminate Product Mart Express, citing "financial losses" and 'company financial instability." In statement to the press, Chlabowy cited that a company that is unable to make more profit than it puts into a service, is irresponsible to not cut its losses.

"We are going to assess the damages that Product Mart Express is bringing to Product Mart, and reassess on an annual basis. The company is focused in ensuring a strong future and to ensure services that were created, that aren't generating the company income and revenue will be cut from our services."

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Product Mart 2020-2024 Project Proposal Plans

Product Mart is currently reviewing the existing 2020-2024 PM Project Proposal that was proposed on August 18, 2021, by former Chief Executive Officer John Mallone. The plans which were approved, we brought to the drawing board for revision by the Executive Team Of CEO Ronald Chlabowy. Chlabowy announced in an interview that he would release the SAFELGBT Service on November 10, 2021.


(The above link is a Google Slide link to the official 2020-2024 updated Product Mart Project Proposal)


Product Mart's Response To Employee Terrorism Probe

Dear Customers, Investors, Suppliers, and Shareholders,

On October 19, 2021, Product Mart was made aware of some inappropriate activity on the part of Corporate employees. At approximately 3:42 AM, Product Mart employees reported that 18 of the highest ranking corporate employees were seen and reported to be redirecting funding from Product Mart's Central Banking System(CBS). At around 5:20 AM, Product Mart's Asset Protection Investigation Service launched an investigation into the illegal wire transfers.

I want to make it one hundred percent clear that these illegal activities are NOT tolerated and will continue to be non-tolerated. We take pride in our company's ability to follow the laws and procedures of State and Federal Laws and Regulations. As of 12:35 PM, 18 Employees were terminated from employment, and were taken into custody. We are working with our law enforcement partners to ensure that a full investigation is conducted and in accordance with Product Mart Policy and Federal Laws and Regulations.

It is my job as Product Mart's Chief Executive Officer to establish the rules, regulations and policies which govern this incredible company. We are working and cooperating with law enforcement and investigators.

Product Mart's Response To The Recent Events At Store 1501

Dear Product Mart Community,

It is with a heavy heart I announce that several associates were killed during a bombing incident that occurred at Product Mart Store 1501.

The associates killed in the incident on October 25, 2021, were local residents of the Community in which they worked. Mrs. Lora Kortez was closing the Bakery when the bomb went off. She was killed immediately after the bomb exploded. Shrapnel, that was flung upon the detonation striking 3 other employees. Another employee survived the blast but died early this morning from sepsis caused by metal found in his bloodstream.

At this time Product Mart Stores 1501 is closed until further notice. We are working with local law enforcement and investigators until the perpetrators are apprehended and justice is brought the victims of this unthinkable crime. Our Management team will provide mourning and grieving services to its associates. We will also offer extended paid leaves for members of the Store 1501 team.

Thank You For All You Do,

Ronald Chlabowy

Ronald Chlabowy

Chief Executive Officer

Product Mart Stores Inc.

Product Mart Wishing Our Customers, Associates and Investors A Safe, Happy and Incredible Thanksgiving Day

Product Mart would first and foremost like to wish you all a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day. While we are observing a third Thanksgiving with the COVID-19 Pandemic raging on, we want to remind everyone that the Jesstopian Government has implemented many policies that will increase Jesstopia's chance at fighting the ongoing pandemic.

We know you are all eager to celebrate with large groups of friends and families, but to end the ongoing pandemic to return back to "normal", we must follow the guidelines implemented by the Governments of your State's, Towns, City's and Villages. We must continue to wear masks, decrease the amount of people during gatherings. We all can get through this pandemic if we do our part and ensure we end the spread of COVID 19.

We wish you all a happy, health and safe Thanksgiving Day and hope you enjoy it safely.


Ronald J Chlabowy

Ronald J Chlabowy

Chief Executive Officer

Product Mart Stores Inc

Product Mart Go Services Officially Ended

March 1, 2022

Today Marked the end of Product Mart Go's run at Product Mart. The service which was aiming to allow customers to shop online to purchase their merchandise. The service also aimed to allow for a faster shopping experience. The service is no longer available for Product Mart Go Services.

Ronald Chlabowy

Chief Executive Officer

Product Mart Stores Inc