Demolition Of Store 1430 Updates And Alerts

Project Updates And Alerts

Product Mart Store 1430, Completely Demolished As Seen On September 10, 2022.

Product Mart Store 1430 Demolished

September 10, 2022 -

Product Mart Store which has been under demolition, has finally been fully demolished. The plans scheduled a complete demo done by Friday September 9, 2022, but delays due to weather caused a delay in the tearing down of the structure. At a little after 10 AM, crews removed the final debris from the site, and the store has been completed demolished.

Product Mart is still working to establish a project proposal for the new store as of now, but no official plans have been drafted nor have they been approved by Nox City.

More details will be provided as they become available, and we are able to release them.

September 4, 2022 -

Dear Nox City Residents,

Work to demolish store 1430 has begun and major Progress has been made to accomplish a full demo. According to Jessy's Construction Co, an estimated final day of work will be approximately 7 - 14 days and could be extended for weather. Demo work will continue into the weekend next week, with major piping and wiring removed.

Expect road delays and closures as crews begin removing debris and scrap from the site. As seen in the above image, major work has been done today. Work on roof venting and major portions of roof lighting systems are also being removed from the site.

Please continue to check back her for project and work updates, and alerts. Thank you.

Ronald Chlabowy,

Chief Executive Officer

Product Mart Stores Inc