Product Mart Uvalde Donation To Shooting Victims

JUNE 5, 2022

Dear Customers, Investors and Employees,

Today we announce that in order to support the victims of the Uvalde Shooting, and the families that endured incredible losses on May 24, 2022, we will be donating over J 4 Million Dollars to the Uvalde Victims Foundation. The foundation will provide for the victim's funerals and ensure that the families are taken care of for the first year following their family member deaths.

Our heart continue to breaks as the family of Uvalde students continue to grapple with the shooting that took the lives of 21 beautiful individuals. Our company continues to support the families and the City Of Uvalde. We will keep you all up to date on our donations.

Thank You,

Ronald Chlabowy

Chief Executive Officer

Product Mart Stores Inc