Product Mart Plans Bolton Store

July 12, 2023 - Product Mart has announced that it will begin surveying land for a brand New Bolton, New Shire supercenter. The company announced via Twitter on July 10, 2023, that it was setting its sights on building a brand new supercenter in Bolton.

"Our company is ready to expand into western cities in New Shire. Product Mart is committed to providing stores to areas more than 25 miles away from the nearest Product Mart store," said Chief Operations Officer Mark Garlow. "We are working to build our store base in New Shire, Mesa, North Lorray, South Lorray and Lorray. We are also working to create more Product Mart Express stores around our main store bases and abroad. We have so many new stores, supercenters, and other Westley's Stores coming in the next 10 years."

Product Mart has planned to construct 1200 stores in the next 10 years and has already begun that store construction process. 5 stores are being built in Peach Tree City, New Shire, Towton, Nimitz County, and many more cities across New Shire.