Product Mart Plus

Welcome To Product Mart Plus

Product Mart Plus™ is a service that is offered by the Product Mart which offers its members hot deals, exclusive offers and more. Product Mart Plus was formed on June 31, 2021, and was introduced as a service of Product Mart Stores Inc on July 1, 2021. Product Mart Plus is a subscription based service that has different membership levels and packages. 

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Memberships and Packages

Basic Package

J 15.00/mo


J 150.00/yr

Pro Package

J 25.00/mo


J 250.00/yr

Ultimate Package

J 45.00/mo


J 450.00/yr

Platinum Package

J 65.00/mo


J 650.00/yr

Best Value


Basic Package and Membership

The Basic, Product Mart Plus Package offers the following perks:

Pro Package and Membership

The Pro, Product Mart Plus Package offers the following perks:

Ultimate Package and Membership

The Ultimate, Product Mart Plus Package Includes The Following Perks:

Platinum Package and Membership

The Platinum Package and Membership includes the following perks: