Product Mart Store Expansion

Product Mart Store Expansion Project Details

Product Mart Stores Inc has recently released its 2021-2024 Project Expansion Information and Details. The following tab has all of the information regarding to 2021-2024 Company Expansion Details:


Between the Dates of August 2021 through August 2024, Product Mart will begin construction on 20 New Product Mart Stores. With the addition of Le Mont, Lisbon, Brighton, and Acacia, Product Mart has been contracted with the state's to start Commerce and provide income money to allow the States to establish there towns, counties and cities. Product Mart will expand the states by building 100 new stores by the end of 2024. Product Mart will build 20 stores throughout the State of New Shire.

Product Mart Store #9000 Details

Product Mart has recently appointed Mike Rydel the Project Manager for Product Mart Store #9000. Product Mart Store # 9000 will be constructed in Newton, North Point County, New Shire. When constructed, the Store will be the home of rent-able space for other Businesses to rent.

Product Mart Store #9000, will also be a mega center, with a more formal layout. This section will be updated as more details become available.