Product Mart Reaches Expansion Deal With The State Of Mesa

December 5, 2021 - Product Mart is pleased to announce that it has finally reached an expansion deal with the State Of Mesa as of 7:00 PM this evening.

We have been working to establish a very strong relationship with the Government of Mesa. While currently having only one store in the Great State Of Mesa, we have worked on an expansion deal that would enable us to build 10 more stores in the Counties of Alden, Joshua, Easton, and Loveless.

At around 12:00 PM this afternoon, myself(CEO Ronald Chlabowy), Mr. Errick Donwell(National Operations Officer), and Lillian Burtson(Chief Financial Officer) sat down with Governor Kirk Paul and Lt. Governor Joe Haney to discuss operating more stores in their State. During the meeting CEO Chlabowy outlined several key points to operations being conducted in the State. Currently, the Company's operations license is classed as an "Initial Operations" License, which means that it can only operate initially and that its "Full Operations" license is required to expand unrestricted. The Mesa State, Department Of Commerce is the only State Agency that can grant any "Full Operations" licenses to Corporate Businesses.

When speaking with the Governor, we promised to bring more jobs to Mesa, and that the pay rates would start at J 16.00/hr for Hourly Employees and Customer Services Managers. Full Operation, in Mesa would grant the State economic growth. We were working to establish a Unrestricted Expansion License but only obtained our Full-Operations license which will allow us to expand into 11 stores total in Mesa.

As of now, we were granted the Full Operations Licensing and will expand our operations from 1 store to a total of 11 stores by the end of 2023.

We will continue to update our customers, investors and partners as more details become available to both us and the State.


Ronald Chlabowy

Ronald Chlabowy

Chief Executive Officer

Product Mart Stores Inc.