Store 700 Shooting

June 23, 2022 -

Dear Customers, Employees and Management,

At around 8:00 this morning, a shooter entered Product Mart Store 700, where he proceeded to open fire on 5 people killing 2 adults, and 3 teenagers. The victim's identities are being withheld pending the investigation into the shooting.

I would like to address several concerns about the incident that took place today. Our company is looking at alternative stores to send employees as this store will remain closed during the entirety of the shooting investigation. New Shire State Police and Towton Police will continue to secure the store and crime scene. Many businesses within the Product Mart shopping complex are asked to modify hours to nighttime only as police presence will most likely effect store hours most drastically.

We would also like to send our condolences to the families of the victims of the shooting. We will send care packages to the families of the victims and will stand in solidarity with them as the grieve their losses.