CEO Ronald Chlabowy Announces Spending Plan For 2025-2030

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Transcript of the meeting between Product Mart Investors and Chief Executive Officer Ronald J. Chlabowy

December 24, 2023 

Hello and welcome to the 2023 Investors and Budget meeting. During today's session we will discuss Product Mart's spending plan for 2025-2030. This year we have seen drastic financial growth. Sales are up 82% from last year, and the highest sales have been in the history of the company. It is an achievement that as Chief Executive Officer of this incredible company, that make me extremely grateful for our customers, associates and investors who continue to place Product Mart into the future.

I want to thank Chief Financial Officer Adam Sayer for his hard work, in proposing these budget numbers, and for continuing to fund projects to move our company forward. Other folks I'd like to thank include Chief Operations Officer Mark Garlow, Chief Technology Officer Larry Nareem, for his incredible work getting our company's internal services available and ready for the company and our associates to use on during their day to day work.

I would also like to thank our investors for continuing to support our company in more ways that just one. They have been instrumental in providing feedback to the services and programs that our company are creating and implementing into everyday use. We also thank them for continuing to set strict sales goals that are allowing us to be productive while meeting these goals.

Now to get down to the business and the proposed for the 2025-2030 year. This year we have proposed this budget in segments, instead of one budget proposal, that many of you are used to. By doing this we are making it more consumable to our investors instead of giving all of you the whole number. Product Mart historically has been as streamlined with his budge proposals, but that streamline doesn't allow us to full layout what the funding will be used for between 2025-2023.

For the 2025-2030 spending period, we'd like to invest at least 105 Million dollars in building at least 6 more stores in Mesa, invest 250 Million dollars in 10 stores in New Shire, and North Lorray as well as invest in 15 million in 2 new stores in Acacia.

Furthermore, we'd also like to invest 5 million in constructing a brand new fulfillment center in Alden, Mesa. This fulfillment center would be the main Fulfillment Center for Product Mart in Mesa. The center would allow our company to create over 4500 new jobs and bring in a strong economy for Alden. The company would also be able to produce more outbound orders in Alden instead of needing to import the items from other states.

I'd also like to invest 255 million in our employee benefits package, including disability payments. We are committed to investing in our associates so that they can improve their lives through education. With the Employee Education Plan now gone we are committed to providing education opportunities to our associates in the coming years.

As we reach the end of the year, we look forward to what 2024 holds for us, and as company we look forward to the changes that are on their way. We look forward to a greener future. Product Mart would like to invest 1.2 billion dollars in green packaging, that will allow Product Mart to deliver products without increasing global impact. This is a major mission of the company and we want to go greener. That is our mission for the 2025-2030.

Let's get this done, together. We need this funding to move our company into a brighter and better future for our world, our associates and our customers. We will continue to work towards giving our investors as much information as possible with the status of our funding proposals and we look forward to seeing what our budget will look like for the 5 years between 2025-2030.