Product Mart Addresses COO Firing

For Immediate Release -

Today's actions by Product Mart, Product Mart's Board Of Directors as well as Chief Executive Officer Ronald Chlabowy comes as a result of a recent contact by Police with our company. It was reported that our, now, Former Chief Operations Officer, Joseph Richards, had been in possession of severe and heinous child pornography and pornographic content, of which Product Mart had not been made aware at any point during his employment with our company. Furthermore, the New Shire State Police had provided a warrant for his laptops, company phones, and other company records, and of course, our teams obliged and ensured that investigators had unfettered access to his entire record including financial reports(i.e Tax Forms, 401(K) and much more. It was also revealed early this afternoon, that he had been posting photographs of his genitalia to several work-related group chats specifically to members of our female Operations center. There were several complaints made to me (Ronald Chlabowy) and we addressed these matters forthwith.

"Our company finds it absolutely repulsive that such content was found on his company-issued computers and we have formally terminated his employment with us, and we are cutting ties with him and our company websites will reflect this change immediately. We will not allow such content to be sold, traded, distributed, or possessed in any form or manner, and we will cooperate with investigators. I would like to apologize to our customers, associates, and other team members."

This matter will not be taken lightly and as such, we are fully cooperating with the investigations at this time. Our company will not be making any further comments on the matter.


Ronald Chlabowy

Chief Executive Officer